VMware Workstation 14 now available!

I’m excited for the release of VMware Workstation 14! I had purchased the VMware Fusion Pro 10 Collectors Edition Box Set at VMworld(Fusion 10-year anniversary). The Collectors Edition Box Set also includes Workstation 14 Pro NFR keys for Windows and Linux which wasn’t widely advertised at the store. Since I don’t own or use a Mac, the main purpose for me to purchase the box set was for Workstation 14 Pro at a nice discount.

New features of note

(Following features were originally published here and here)

  • VM hardware version 14
    • Supports the latest version of Intel and Ryzen CPUs.
    • Updated virtual TPM for key management for guest Bitlocker.
    • UEFI Secure Boot, to support ESXi 6.5 guests.
    • New Virtual NVMe device for faster disk access on SSD storage, also a requirement for vSAN testing.
    • Support for Microsoft’s Credential Guard as a guest. For deploying the newest version of Windows 10 and take advantage of Microsoft’s latest security features.
  • Additional integration with vSphere – Wizard based VCSA deployment and the ability to control ESXi host power operations.
  • New Virtual Network Simulation features: Added Network latency simulation with the already released Network Packet Loss and Bandwidth features.
  • Now allows custom network naming
  • Added support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, known also as build 1709 or ‘Redstone 3’, which includes Windows Server 2016, as both Host and Guest. Also added support for Ubuntu 17.04, and Fedora 26 as both Host and Guest.

Upgrading to VMware Workstation 14 Pro on Linux Mint 18.2

Continuing down my Linux path, I’m going to walk through upgrading my existing VMware Workstation 12 Pro (12.5.7 build-5813279) on my Linux Mint 18.2 system.

Download the new bundle and verify the md5sum

Go to http://vmware.com/go/downloadworkstation to download the VMware Workstation 14 Pro

Click Go to Downloads


Click Download, making note of the md5sum


Run md5sum for verification


Set the bundle to be executable


Run the .bundle


Accept the Workstation EULA


Accept the OVF Tool EULA


Select if you would like to be part of the CEIP


Input your license key (can be done post-install as well)


Click Install




Complete, click Close


Successful installation


I found the VMware software bundles and installations on modern versions of Linux to be fairly straight forward, much like installing on Windows OS’s. I am impressed with how mature and easy this has become.

I was able to boot up my existing VMs without issues and Workstation also remembered the last VM I had running. Now I’ll be trying out some of the new features of Workstation 14 Pro.

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