VMware App Volumes 2.13 is GA

VMware has released a new version of App Volumes on October 19th 2017 – version 2.13. The talk about App Volumes 3.0 (Cloud/Service Provider edition) has died down some it seems and there are some very sought after features – App toggle, support for physical devices to name a couple, but VMware is continuing to support and develop the 2.x (on-prem edition) and I’m hopping to see some of those 3.0 features eventually become available in 2.x. Thought I’d run through a quick list of the new 2.13 enhancements.

What’s New in VMware App Volumes 2.13 – Technical Review

For additional information go to https://www.vmware.com/products/appvolumes.html

Concurrent computer- and user-assigned AppStacks

  • Computer-assigned AppStacks are attached to the computer at startup
  • User-assigned AppStacks are attached upon user logon

Computer-assigned AppStacks can improve over all user logon times as AppStacks that are common for all users wouldn’t need to be attached during the user logon, and for applications that have large registry operations. Being able to attach both Computer and user-assigned AppStacks gives greater flexibility.

One downside with concurrent computer and user-assigned AppStacks is that Writable volumes cannot be used.

Improved Integration

  • Windows Server 2016
    • Installation of App Volumes Manager
    • Support for App Volumes agent on RDSH
  • SQL Server 2016 for App Volumes Manager database

AppStack attachment limits

This feature can be useful for applications that have certain licensing limits. For instance if you are only allowed to run “X” number of copies of a certain application per a license agreement, you can set a limit to the number of times that AppStack can be attached.

  • Consideration
    • There isn’t a way to limit specific users.
    • Attachment limits could be exceeded during high volumes of concurrent logons.
    • Attachment limits affect all applications in the AppStack.
    • Changes to the attachment limit will not affect currently logged on users.

New Troubleshooting tab

The new Troubleshooting tab is available in the App Volumes GUI and improves on the DctLogCollector tool, and allows you to create a Troubleshooting archive collecting logs from various sources. This simplifies the log collection and allows you to include the following different log data directly from the App Volumes Manager portal:

  • application_logs
  • application_config
  • application_root
  • http_logs
  • http_config
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