VMware Workstation 14 now available!

I’m excited for the release of VMware Workstation 14! I had purchased the VMware Fusion Pro 10 Collectors Edition Box Set at VMworld(Fusion 10-year anniversary). The Collectors Edition Box Set also includes Workstation 14 Pro NFR keys for Windows and Linux which wasn’t widely advertised at the store. Since I don’t own or use a […]

Installing the Horizon Client for Linux

Figured I’d start out my new blog by posting something fairly easy. Since I starting tinkering and running a Linux desktop at home a few years ago the installation process for the Horizon Client for Linux has evolved some. The first time I attempted the Client install on Linux was in 2014. This involved adding […]


Am starting my first blog. If nothing else, this can be a good personal reference of technical information on anything regarding Virtualization, VDI, etc. I was motivated to start this for the “Blogtober – Tech edition” challenge by Matt at VMATT.net Here’s hoping for more content! -Jason