Installing the Horizon Client for Linux

Figured I’d start out my new blog by posting something fairly easy. Since I starting tinkering and running a Linux desktop at home a few years ago the installation process for the Horizon Client for Linux has evolved some. The first time I attempted the Client install on Linux was in 2014. This involved adding a repository for aptitude to pull the “Official” client package down from. Fast forward to the last couple of years and VMware now has made the client available for direct download and is also part of the Ubuntu Software Center. I’m currently running Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.2 so I opted to download the client bundle directly from VMware’s Horizon Clients site.


  1. Download the latest client from the VMware Horizon Clients site here
    Find the VMware Horizon Client for Linux


  2. Click “Go to Downloads” for the Client to download.  In my case I chose 64-bit Linux.
    Click the Download button


  3. Verify the md5sum of the downloaded file
    Read more… link


    md5sum output


  4. Install the Client
    Set the bundle to be executable


    Run the bundle


    Accept the license


    Verify components




    Install Complete



Am starting my first blog. If nothing else, this can be a good personal reference of information of technical information on anything regarding Virtualization.

I was motivated to start this for the “Blogtober – Tech edition” challenge by Matt at

Here’s hoping for more content!